Star Guild Rock Singer

Star Guild Rock Singer
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Smush Monsters by Calling Down the Stars Themselves

Stars fall every day. The Goddess catches most of them and places them back into the heavens. But some she misses—or maybe allows. These few fall across all of Crystalia. The Darkness cannot be allowed to claim them. If he does, he swallows them whole and the night grows darker. So the Star Guild finds them first and from their metal and stone we craft objects of wonder—artifacts of Light that push back the Darkness.

The Star Guild Rock Singer is an unassuming magic user with surprising area-of-effect capabilities paired with useful support abilities. And she can make a star fall on your enemy's head, so that’s handy.


Super Dungeon Star Guild Rock Singer


If your sole measure of a Hero is looking at their base attributes, you may be inclined to dismiss the Rock Singer. Her WILL of 3 blue dice has a modest basic magic attack range of 4 squares and her ARM of 3 blue dice is paired with the classic dwarfs’ 6 hearts giving her a little extra resilience. But dig a little deeper and Rock Singer can be the breakout star in your adventuring party.

Her potion, Starlight Elixir, Heals 2 wounds and grants +2 movement. This makes the elixir a handy way for a beleaguered Hero to get out of range while healing up. Or, patch themselves up while getting those extra couple of squares needed to open a treasure chest.


Super Dungeon Star Guild Rock Singer


Calm the Stones is an aura which grants everyone within it the ability to move through walls, structures, and ignore difficult terrain thanks to Burrow. It’s a large, 4 square radius, effectively covers most of a tile. This gives your party almost total freedom of movement on a tile and is a great way to get an angry walrus into striking distance of any mini-boss that thinks it’s a clever idea to cower out of sight.


Super Dungeon Star Guild Rock Singer


Speaking of “out of sight”, the offensive action Falling Star requires no line of sight thanks to its Hookshot ability. It also sports an absolutely massive range of 16 squares and a huge Burst 2 area-of-effect. It is Dangerous so be careful of your allies and make full use of that range!

Falling Star costs 3 action points so it’s important to set it up well. Be sure to stock up on WILL loot, drink WILL or offensive action potions, and maybe even stand in the Brinebreaker Aesir’s Howl of Rage aura. The more you can stack, the more deadly the attack! The range and area-of-effect is big enough to thwart a Consul that likes to hold monsters back at a presumably safe distance. But it’s a game changer in Super Dungeon: Arcade where minion monsters must actively try to get within 2 squares of their bonded elite monster in order to form a gang. Area effects also negate a gang’s Expendable rule that protects elites. Meaning the Rock Singer can use her turn to wipe entire gangs off the dungeon map!


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For close range encounters, Iron’s Call uses the trickier Cross area of effect but offsets the more delicate placement with a bonus +1 red dice to WILL. A careful bit of movement can ensure any nearby threats are quickly dealt with.

The Rock Singer is a unique toolbox Hero for your adventuring party. Her mix of movement and healing support abilities combined with powerful, area of effect, attacks makes her a Hero that forces the Consul into cautious monster movement in order to avoid a meteoric catastrophe.


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