Starter Set: Void Cadre, Part 1

Starter Set: Void Cadre, Part 1

2 Player Starter Set - Void Cadre

In opposition to our cheery Radiant Cadre, we have long been desiring to expand on the Maleach, the same race as Harbonath the Reaper and Amelial the Herald. These angelic beings reflect the Void aspect of Esper. The Maleach are a very old race, very alien to mankind. Long lived, masters of every conceivable craft, they are now bent on serving a hidden purpose in the revelation of the dark space and its growth throughout the galaxy.


Relic Knights Tahariel The Purifier


The Warriors of the Maleach are few but powerful, being only slightly larger than a human with humanoid features, the Maleach are bioluminescent – their skin glows softly, cold, and pallid. Their warrior gear is alien and capable of meeting threats close and at range, they are well protected by very effective layers of shielding and armor. Taking on the guise of angelic messengers of the gods before their true nature or intent is known.

Putting together a starter strike force, we wanted to highlight the mercurial grace and cruelty of the Maleach. Their Questing Knight, and her companions may appear porcelain fragile, but flit and fly around the table on wings, giving allies and Void players incredible board control.


Relic Knights Tahariel The Purifier


Building on our original concepts from years ago, the Maleach have a distinct pallet and style that will hint at their coming releases to build out a well rounded collection. So, whether you are adding them to an existing collection or fielding a full force of these intergalactic interlopers, you will have an incredible opportunity to explore the external statuesque beauty of their race, while reflecting their inner rot and emptiness. 


Tahariel The Purifier

Tahariel’s design mirrors the concepts and themes of the Maleach that have come before. Presenting a Questing Knight Void character, her dress and wargear needed to be consistent and near uniform with her companions.

Calling her out for her status amongst the Void witches, her staff should appear almost regal, and her accompanying ornamentation would be a challenge and a delight to paint.


Relic Knights Tahariel The Purifier


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