Steelhorse Candy and Makerguild Engineer Available!

Steelhorse Candy and Makerguild Engineer Available!

Two new Masterclass Miniatures charge into your dungeons with Steelhorse Candy and the Makerguild Engineer!

LIMITED EDITION Steelhorse Candy

Super Dungeon Steelhorse Candy

Crashlanding on a mysterious planet, Steelhorse Candy has joined the Heroes of Crystalia in hopes of finding a way home. Her blaster skills and 'arcane' technology make her a valuable asset to any adventuring team. If only she could get the Makerguild to stop trying to disassemble her precious steelhorse for study!

Makerguild Engineer

The Makerguild is the largest and most influential engineering guild in all of Clockwork Cove, making it also the most powerful conclave of inventors in all of Crystalia. The wonders created by the guild are too numerous to count, and the secrets are jealously guarded. The closest many come to unraveling these mysteries are when they work alongside a Makerguild Engineer in the field, as they finetune and test their latest inventions.

What are you waiting for? Both of these stunning Masterclass Miniatures are 

Available Now!


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