Storm the Shadows with Arashikage!

Storm the Shadows with Arashikage!
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New Ninjas for Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite!

Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite are in for a ninja invasion this month, starting with four new Heroes: Musashi, Komuso, Bakusho Mondai, and Arashikage!


For years, Musashi has wandered Kagejima, studying, debating, and fighting with and alongside masters from every school he could find. After some years, he found that he no longer sought to master the sword; he sought to master himself. Since the tool no longer mattered, he abandoned his weapon for a pair of mighty oars. Now he travels on, searching for himself, and refining the art of the wooden blades.


Marked by the great wicker baskets that cover their heads, and heralded by the haunting sounds of their shakuhachi flutes, Komuso monks bring a calm demeanor and wise words wherever they go. Only the basest men fight for money, though, and Komuso will accept food or supplies, but no other material payment. Instead, they often demand favors, prayers, or offerings at certain shrines.


Arashikage can call upon both Fire and Water styles with equal skill, and this blending showed him his true path, as a perfect balance of schools and clans. That balance shattered when he witnessed one of his fellow students apparently murder his Tora master. He swore revenge and has wandered in search of the killer ever since.

Given Arashikage's, shall we say, "duplicitous" nature he can be used as a Hero or a Mini-Boss!

Bakusho Mondai

Bakusho Mondai’s gregarious nature and boisterous personality also made him a natural master of matsuri, and he gleefully combined these callings. He has become the master of festivals and celebrations, and he makes a point of attending the Moonlight Tournament every year. For the right price, he is eager to join the competitions and lend his dance-kata and fireworks, exquisitely choreographed to the thumping rhythm of taiko drums.

Bakusho Mondai's charisma is so infectious its made its way into Rail Raiders Infinite! Bakusho Mondai includes a Raider card, so you can raid the space-rails in style!


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