Super Dungeon: Conquest painted by Francesc Camats

Super Dungeon: Conquest painted by Francesc Camats

Francesc Camats

Super Dungeon: Conquest 

Last year, Crystalia went to war with Super Dungeon: Conquest! This incredible line of Masterclass Miniatures feature multiple weapons, heads, and customization options to make every miniature a unique masterpiece.

And creating masterpieces is exactly what Francesc Camats has been doing in Spain, painting them to be used on our website when all of them are finished. After wowing us with his Golden Kobold winning entry, he has been bringing beautiful Super Dungeon: Conquest miniatures to life. Let’s take a sneak peak at how the paint jobs are progressing!

Royal Guard Commander

The Royal Guard Commander is ready to smash some skeletons with his hammer! We can't wait to see what he does with the standard bearer variation!

Royal Guard

Francesc built this Royal Guard with sword and shield. We're huge fans of this knightly classic combo!

Dread Knight Commander

Dread Knights are already scary, but equipped with an executioners axe and grim helm he's looking extra menacing. We love the extra tarnish and decay on the armor.



The classic boneheads from Von Drakk's Manor got a Masterclass update with Super Dungeon: Conquest, and Francesc did this one up marvelously! We love the glowing eyes.


If you'd like to see more of Francesc's incredible work you can follow him on Instagram and Patreon.

And if you'd like to take a look at the alpha rules for Super Dungeon: Conquest you can download them below.  

Download the Super Dungeon: Conquest Rulebook


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