Super Dungeon Novels Now Available!

Super Dungeon Novels Now Available!

The incredible writers at Future House Publishing have brought the world of Super Dungeon further to life with a new series of novels and accompanying Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures! 

Many of you had the opportunity to get your hands on these early through Future House's preorder. We are excited to be able to offer these novels on our website now that they have entered regular release. To celebrate the launch of the novels, the Masterclass Miniatures are also available for a strictly limited 60-day window. 

If you missed these great books and miniatures, now is your opportunity!

Book 1: The King's Summons

Blaze is an Ember Mage, skilled with fire magic and with a temper just as hot.  She’s desperate for a way to prove herself but never imagined a royal messenger would come knocking on her door. King Jasper III, ruler of all Crystalia, needs someone who works outside the system to search for his missing heir, and Blaze fits that description perfectly. After all, Princess Sapphire is no damsel-in-distress, so the King is sure something must be terribly wrong.


Book 2: The Forgotten King

Treffen Cedarbough has trained his whole life to protect the Fae Woods. When a deadly attack comes too close to Treffen’s home, he seeks guidance from the elven elders and receives an ominous prophecy directly from the Deeproot Tree. An old enemy of the kingdom, the Forgotten King, plots to break free of his ancient prison. And according to the prophecy, it’s up to Treffen to stop this evil from escaping.

Book 3: The Glauerdoom Moor

Sai doesn’t want to be a hero. She wants to steal the greatest jewel in Crystalia. But when she is captured by the king’s men in the perfect trap, Sai is forced to take a job from King Jasper himself—to rescue his daughter Princess Citrine from the evil Von Drakk. Escape should be easy for an accomplished thief, but the Royal Warden refuses to let her out of his sight until they find the kidnapped princess. 

Books 4 & 5

The final two books in the series, The Dungeons of Arcadia and The Midnight Queen will be released March 2020 and June 2020.


Masterclass Miniatures

Joining these three books are three Masterclass Miniatures, featuring the lead characters from the novels. 

Blaze the Ember Mage

Treffen the Glimmerdusk Ranger

Sai the Riftling Rogue

These miniatures are strictly limited and will only be available for 60 days. This means if you don't get yours by January 10th, you'll be sadder than a dwarf without a walrus!


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