New Releases for Super Dungeon!

New Releases for Super Dungeon!

New Releases for Super Dungeon!

Grave Golem

The Grave Golem stomps into Super Dungeon: Conquest! These massive creations are terrors on the battlefield, armed with your choice of bone claws or black iron cleavers (or even one of each), the Grave Golem is sure to have the forces of the Royal Army shaking in their boots! This imposing kit comes with a choice of four different arms and two heads.



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Virtuous Blade

A subset of Silver Chevaliers, Virtuous Blades devote themselves not only to the ideals of honor but also service to Crystalia. These martial champions take strict vows of piety, poverty, and service. Their sacrifice and devotion causes many to assume they belong to one of the paladin orders. Indeed, they find common cause with paladins. But their secular nature and focus on service affords them greater acceptance from the many diverse cultures of Crystalia. Virtuous Blades are often elevated to roles of leadership so they can best martial all the forces of Light against the darkness.

Celestian Purifier

The Dark Consul’s near destruction of Celestia also left the realm deeply corrupted by amethyst magic. Nearly overwhelmed, the Celestians fight against constant monstrous incursions to push back the darkness. As areas are cleared of threat, specialized priests known as Purifiers then consecrate the land so that it can be reclaimed by the Light and flourish once again.



Von Drakk Manor Final Stock!

Our last few copies of the incredible Von Drakk Manor Level Box have been uncovered. Satisfy you need for a Super Dungeon undead horde before they disappear!


Last Chance Limited Editions!


Speaking of disappearing, today is your last day to get the limited edition Springtime Druid, Formless Hanzo, and Otto the Royal Paladin Super Dungeon Masterclass Miniatures!


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