Sweetheart Candy

Sweetheart Candy
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Don’t Break My Heart!

Today is a day for thoughtful consideration of loved ones and your special “someone”. We have a very limited stock of Sweetheart Candy which will be available to order only until Midnight, Sunday, February 20th, but only while stocks last!

This is your last chance to pick up this exceptionally rare Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature!


Super Dungeon Sweetheart Candy


Candy has travelled Crystalia far and wide, from training alongside Glimmerdusk Rangers to studying the medicines of the healers of Celestia. Along the way Candy has picked up many useful skills; even the most reclusive sects spill their secrets at her wit and charm. Candy always uses this knowledge to aid her fellow adventurers, often being the first to come to the side of a fallen companion.


Super Dungeon Sweetheart Candy


If you have missed her in previous years, no collection of Candy can be complete without this seraphic and cherubic archer in all her holiday frilled finery. Sweetheart Candy will only be around for a short time. So fill that heart meter and take control of your Explore and Arcade adventures with this amazing hero.


Hurry Up, Stocks Are Limited!


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