Takoashi University: House Cerberus

Takoashi University: House Cerberus

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“Methods and Madness”

The girls of House Cerberus attract the most erudite and scholastically achieved students from anywhere, each excited to unlock the secrets of the universe through science and a healthy dose of the occult.


Tentacle Bento


The halls of the Cerberus dorms flicker with the scorch marks from dozens of experiments and the pulsing from cables of “improved” data networks and other projects from the brilliant and curious girls of House Cerberus. To call them a brainy would be underselling their resourcefulness and specially cultivated abilities. The best known of their graduates having gone out into the world and saved Earth many times over from calamity... though part of the process can mean causing new calamity at the same time (don't worry, they always tidy it up when they're done). These girls, like their house mascot – are tenacious guardians of their knowledge and craft.


Super Dungeon House Cerberus Occultist


Known for their obsessive need to study, the students of House Cerberus have a tendency to delve in knowledge that is best left alone. Unfortunately, this causes some promising students to descend into madness. The truly gifted, however, learn to tame this dark knowledge and unleash it against the foes of Crystalia.


Super Dungeon House Cerberus Occultist


In your games of Super Dungeon, unleash the ancients’ horrors with your Cerberus Occultist. She is well read and will lay down the tentacles! Better still, as not only can she dish out the damage, but by imbibing her potion Dark Radiance reduces the power of attacks against her, making her survivable to boot!


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