Takoashi University: House Phoenix

Takoashi University: House Phoenix

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“The Knockouts”

House Phoenix girls are powerhouses, born warriors who drive themselves to achieve their personal best in all sports, especially martial arts.


Takoashi University


The honor and taste of victory is savored by all the girls of house Phoenix, whether they are competing in intramural sports, demonstrating martial prowess in the dojo, or getting into the occasional scuffle in the school yard with rival school gangs, these girls are tough, determined, and on more than one occasion can be found leading the charge against some unknown intergalactic horror in the streets of Tokyo.


Super Dungeon House Phoenix Pugilist


The students of House Phoenix are fiery fighters, and their pugilists are the pride of their house. There is nothing the Dark Consul can throw at them that they can’t pulverize, pummel, or otherwise punch into submission with their massive gauntlets. Pugilists are highly sought after by parties who need a little more hitting power as they confront the forces of darkness.


Super Dungeon House Phoenix Pugilist


No one packs a punch like a Pugilist. Armed with her foxy boxing gloves, the more dice she throws in a fight, the better her attack abilities become. Punch Punch, Punch! keeps her feet moving and allows attacks from a diminishing dice pool, a great value for actions spent. Then haul-up and knock 'em out with a Massive Damage punch from her Finisher attack!


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