Takoashi University: House Siren

Takoashi University: House Siren

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“The Tough Go Shopping”

House Siren students are very hard to miss on campus, the most influential and enchantingly beautiful girls end up in Siren, politics and power are their game, but don’t mistake a pretty face for a dummy, or you’ll be rearranging your teeth.


Takoashi University


The girls of House Siren aspire to not only be the most beautiful and influential students at Takoashi, but they see it as a point of pride.  Their house has had many of its class leaders go onto be world famous actresses, politicians, and super spies – each with specially cultivated powers that have been employed to save the world and thwart evil in their positions of power and influence.


Super Dungeon House Siren Enforcer


They certainly want your looks, but if they don’t like them, you are going to get the business end of their hammer. These girls are real knockouts!


Super Dungeon House Siren Enforcer


Let the battle of charms commence! Roll into fights with a wink and a nod, pulling enemies to you, only to bash them into submission with Sweep attacks from your giant hammer! The Siren Enforcer is as serious as a Heart Attack - but when rolling those hearts, they count double! So, if you’re nice, she might share the love.


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