Takoashi University: House Unicorn

Takoashi University: House Unicorn

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“Friendship is like Magic”

House Unicorn is more oriented for girls with strength in the social arts and enchanting, only the best concoctions and baked goods come from Unicorn larders, and the best parties are planned by Unicorn student leaders.


Tentacle Bento


Magic is second nature to the enchanting girls of House Unicorn, spinning up potions, and hexes while mastering their other studies. There is no denying the cuteness and the charm of Unicorn girls, but don’t let all that taffeta and ribbon disguise their ferocious nature – a candy coated wink can send you headfirst into a lake of fire in another dimension should you cross one wrong.


Super Dungeon House Unicorn Diviner


The adorable students of House Unicorn prefer to avoid combat whenever they are able. On the rare occasion an adventuring party can coax a House Unicorn student to join them, they are gifted with a unique and powerful ally. Staying at a safe distance from the fray, the House Unicorn student provides potent magical confections that delight the tastebuds and entice their party to unparalleled acts of heroism!


Super Dungeon House Unicorn Diviner


It isn’t a party without the House Unicorn Diviner! She will keep your party on it’s toes with a careful application of pastries and frosting! Watch her Heal, inspire, and if you are an enemy, watch out, her Confetti Sprinkles can be devastating.


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