Takoashi University is Back in Session!

Takoashi University is Back in Session!

After almost of year of being unavailable, the all-star students of Takoashi University have returned! While supplies last, each miniature includes a unique card to use in your games of Tentacle Bento.

Every miniature is back in stock and ready to join your collection!

We have created several incredible House bundles, each one with a free miniature. Just click on any Takoashi product to see the bundle(s) it is available in. Completing your Takoashi University collection has never been easier! 

Takoashi House Siren

House Siren includes Cephology Club, Work Study, and Beach Party Marie-Claude

Takoashi House Unicorn

The House Unicorn bundle includes Culture Club, Kibachan, and Maid Service.

Takoashi House Cerberus

The House Cerberus bundle Study Hall, School Band, and Teacher's Helper.

Takoashi House Phoenix

The House Phoenix bundle includes Fitness Club, Tough Cookie Club, Dodgeball, and Kendo Club.

Takoashi x Super Dungeon

Of course, we couldn't leave out our Super Dungeon x Takoashi Masterclass miniatures out of the fun! This bundle presents a rare opportunity to get a free Masterclass Miniature!

Takoashi Karate Fight Tentacle Bento

No Takoashi University session is complete without Tentacle Bento and Karate Fight. Get these two outrageous, tongue-in-cheek games in one epic bundle!

What are you waiting for? 

Maybe a crazy janitor...

Enroll at Takoashi University Today!


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