Tales of Sand and Sea

Tales of Sand and Sea
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In a Land Far Far Away…

It is a period of turmoil and war. Plucky rebels Star Princess Candy and Chuy strike out from a hidden camp and have claimed their first victory against the Dark Consul.

During the battle, the Crystalian underground managed to steal secret plans to erect the Consul’s greatest weapon yet, a Nether Monolith! A dark-stoned, impenetrable bastion of power for the Consul’s legions, capable of destroying the Kingdom!

Now, pursued by the Consul’s evil agents, Candy races back to Crystalia to warn of the Consul’s plans. Coming under attack, she hands the plans to her companions Cheeto, Colo, and a Hermit Swordmage, hoping that the plans can save the people of Crystalia and restore freedom to the Goddess’s lands.


Super Dungeon Hermit Swordmage

Hermit Swordmage is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Stay tuned this week as, in celebration of May the 4th, we explore three new exciting, Limited Edition, heroes to add to Super Dungeon's fantasy menagerie. Colo, Cheeto, and the Hermit Swordmage are coming to games of Super Dungeon near you!


Super Dungeon Colo & Cheeto
Colo & Cheeto is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Part-time bounty hunter, part-time bandit, and full-time butt-kicker, Chuy’s name is legendary amongst the scum and villainy of lawless zones.

It would only be appropriate to celebrate these releases by bringing back fan-favorites Chuy and Apprentice Mage one last time. For the next two weeks, we are making them available in our store on a "Made To Order" basis. After this, we will make one last production run of these amazing miniatures and they will no longer be available to purchase through our store.

We also have a very limited stock of Star Princess Candy which will be available to order only until Midnight, May 18th, but only while stocks last!

Super Dungeon Chuy and Apprentice Mage
Chuy and Apprentice Mage is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


This week we are also exploring the tidewaters of the Drowned Isle, hopefully landing on some pirate treasure! But alas, best to be sure the beaches are clear, there are misfit minions about, ready to lay claw on you should you step into their midst. It’s not the bite you should worry about, it’s the pinch!


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace
Pinching Palace is a Spawning Point and Pet model set for Super Dungeon.


Introducing our next spawn point to proliferate your dungeons with new and exciting challenges. Meet the Pinching Palace. Home to the Lord of the Crabs. This Nether Elf, like her cousins, love all things creepy and crawly. Well, what beats enjoying your hobby and getting lots of ocean air?

Nether Elves like these keep company with those crustaceans they can lead away from the ocean to serve their nefarious ends. This is where the Carapace Crawlers and Big Claws will flock, lending their hardened shells and vice-like grip to the whims of these pointy eared predators.

Super Dungeon Jolly SparrowJolly Sparrow is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


But never fear, there is a "hero" about to help get you out of a pinch prone position, it’s Pirate Captain Jolly Sparrow! Swashbuckling hero of the Crystalian sea. But as with all pirates, he may come to your games of Super Dungeon as the hero, or as a plundering mini-boss.

We will deep dive more into the background and rules for these exciting new additions this week!


Surf The Seas Or The Sand, As You Please, With These New Releases!



Rail Raiders Infinite Announcement

We regret to inform you that we cannot maintain continued development of Rail Raiders Infinite at this current time. As a result, Ninja Division will not be supporting recent, or future, Super Dungeon releases with new Rail Raiders Infinite cards.

For fans of Rail Raiders Infinite, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the past few years.


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