The Apprentice Swordmage Arrives!

The Apprentice Swordmage Arrives!

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Super Dungeon's First Teen Hero! 

Before the rise of the Dark Consul, the realm of Arcadia was considered by many to be the cradle of human civilization.  The realm was governed by an august body of elected scholars, philosophers, and priests, known as the Council of Knowledge.

In charge of protecting the realm were the Arcadian Swordmages.  These disciplined warrior-scholars fused magic and swordplay into one of the most respected fighting forces throughout Crystalia.  It is no surprise then that the Dark Consul prioritized eradicating the Swordmages in his rise to power.  Relentlessly hunted, the Swordmages were significantly diminished and, officially, no master Arcadian Swordmages remain.

However, there are whispered tales of young Apprentice Swordmages who join adventuring parties of Heroes.  Though young, these pint-sized Heroes display shocking capabilities and have proven the undoing of some of the Dark Consul’s grandest designs.


Super Dungeon Apprentice Swordmage


This release is our first Tonnerian, the cousin-pride of the Frostbyte Frejyans, who reside in the scorching Arcadian Dunes!  This Swordmage also has the honor of being the very first teenage Super Dungeon model we’ve produced.  We couldn’t let the Apprentice Mage be the only young’un exploring dungeons and raiding space trains!


Apprentice Swordmage


Don’t let her adorable size fool you though. The Apprentice Swordmage will give any monster, raider, or lawbot the fight of a lifetime.  A quick look at her cards and you’ll see that she’s actually the one that’ll be controlling where all the action happens.


Apprentice Swordmage
Apprentice Swordmage


The Apprentice Swordmage is a brand new Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature that can be used in your games of Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite!

Pre-Order Super Dungeon’s first teen hero!


Last Chance for Limited Editions!

With the arrival of the Swordmage, the time has come for three of our Limited Edition models to leave Shojo's Shop.  Star Princess Candy, Chuy and Apprentice will be available until midnight September 4th.


Star Princess Candy

The ultimate rebel, Star Princess Candy fights for justice throughout the galaxy with boldness, determination, and a knack to get out of the toughest situations.  Star Princess Candy has developed a knack for obtaining secret plans and codes which allow her to raid the rails with uncanny precision.


Super Dungeon Star Princess Candy


Star Princess Candy is a Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature that can be used in your games of Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite!


Chuy and Apprentice

Blasting their way south from Arcadia, Chuy and his misfit sidekick, known only as The Apprentice, have an uncommon knack for stirring up trouble. The minions of the Dark Consul have become obsessed with The Apprentice's capture. No doubt they are drawn to the young Apprentice Mage's unique connection to the magicks of Crystalia.


Super Dungeon Chuy and Apprentice


Chuy and Apprentice are Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures that can be used in your games of Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite!

Get these Limited Edition Rebels before it's too late!


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