The Celebration Continues!

The Celebration Continues!
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The Celebration Continues! 


Super Dungeon Ice Climber Candy


As we continue to celebrate Candy's birthday, we couldn't help but look back to where she's been.  What better place to start than Frostbyte Reach where thieving orcs and kobolds drank her soda?!

For one week only, we have a limited quantity of Ice Climber Candy available to you!*


Exploring Frostbyte Reach

Super Dungeon Black Snow


It's worth remembering that Black Snow has been keeping a watchful eye over the Reach for over two years!  With the return of Elrik the Lich King, perhaps now he can end his watch and return to a life of peace and warmth?



Super Dungeon Tusk Raider



The Brinebreaker Skathi and Brinebreaker Aesir are but two of the Brinebreaker Clan.  The Tusk Raider is another of these powerful Dwarves.



Super Dungeon Frozen Queen



And how could we let you go without mentioning the Frozen Queen? It may be brisk outside, but the cold doesn't seem to bother her. 


Continue the Celebration with Ice Climber Candy!

*Product availability limited. Ice Climber Candy is available through Sunday June 20th.


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to 
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