The Crownless Princess: Gameplay

The Crownless Princess: Gameplay
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Headless does not mean hopeless!

Beware, beware! The Crownless Princess has been spotted! Stay indoors if you know what is good for you, lest your head be resting on her shoulders before sunrise!

The Crownless Princess is a powerful Mini-Boss for spicing up your spooky board game night! With her base abilities favoring speed and STR based attacks, this rider has a few tricks up her sleeve. Pumpkin Patch has her spawning with two Rotten Pumpkins adjacent to her when she turns up, and will spawn additional pumpkins if she suffers Critical Hits.


Super Dungeon The Crownless Princess


She is also known for hurling explosive pumpkins from the saddle, this DEX based attack has a range of 5, and adds Burst and Fire to the attack! Better not huddle to close together when hiding from her! Moreover, she can also spur her mighty feline mount into action with the Cat Cavalry Charge, for a Lance 3, Charge Melee attack. Beware those large claws, lest you want to be on the receiving end of a deadly pawing! Anyone still standing at the end of that might suffer this season's most fashionable attack - the Pumpkin Toss! Take cover!


Super Dungeon The Crownless Princess


Should you want to play The Crownless Princess as the Cursed Rider, you will have a deviously dangerous Hero model to play. This undead hero has all the charm and power of the mini-boss version, with additional lean into some interesting abilities. Headless Curse and My Beautiful Skull. The former is a bit of a problem for her party, as she wrestles with her curse, she must lash out at a hero in her party once per activation. If she doesn’t discard a princess coin!

If she kills a friendly model from this cursed ability, search the loot deck for “My Beautiful Skull” and equip it, shuffling the deck afterwards. Once the Skull is found, the Cursed Rider gains additional WILL and ARM, and loses her Headless Curse ability! It’s a risk at the start, but aggressive play will win you a powerful ally.


Heed The Warning Bell Of The Crownless Princess!


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