The Fae Wood

The Fae Wood

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The Fae Wood

"Few realms in this great land carry as much history or mystery as the Fae Wood. Some says that the Fae Wood grew directly beneath the Goddess when she shaped the world, her tears of laughter and joy sprouting an endless bounty of life and wonder. Here grows the Deeproot Tree, source of all native flora in Crystalia, and great progenitor of all the elven races.


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              Yet here, too, the Dark Consul’s nefarious influence touches our world, poisoning the very soil of this most majestic of forests. Fae and kodama—fickle and mischievous at the best of times—have grown cruel and malevolent in the deepening shadows under the darkening trees. The infestation has grown slowly, like stray weeds in a garden, until now it has turned whole sections of the Wood to haunted and evil places that feed on life rather than feeding that life.


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              The Fae Wood has become a battleground against the creeping darkness. Unlike other realms (such as Glauerdoom Moor) where the Dark Consul’s minions have clear advantages, or where they have triumphed already (such as the Midnight Tower), the Fae Wood remains a bastion of the Goddess’s light. It is assaulted on all sides and from within, however, and the fight to drive the evil from its eves has become near constant; some corner of the Wood sees fighting every day. And that, in some ways, is the greatest tragedy and a mark of the Dark Consul’s power, that even while imprisoned, he can cause suffering and strife in a land defined by bounty and joy."

                            ––– from Facets of the Crystal Kingdom, by Armellian Bythrian, chapter two.


Patrol the Fae Wood with the Deeproot Wolf Rider!


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