The Future of Masterclass

The Future of Masterclass

Greetings Ninjas,

As many of you know, this has been a hard couple of years for Ninja Division. Beset by delays, finance issues, and interruptions to our Kickstarter projects, we are hard-set on combining all of our skills and resources to see these projects through to completion.

While we work to reorganize and secure the outside resources we need to begin the mass production of our Kickstarter projects we have had many backers ask us how they can help.

Already, a number of you have provided valuable insight and service towards accomplishing our reorganization goals, and we thank you tremendously! But, we also need to continue to raise the extra capital necessary to get things moving again, outside our ongoing work to secure investors. We also want to provide you with new and awesome products.

To that end, we are renewing the Masterclass Miniatures line. Further, we are excited to announce that ALL Masterclass sales will exclusively go to fund the following goals:

1. Maintain Stock of Masterclass Miniatures

We will focus on keeping a regular stock of Masterclass Miniatures. Strong selling Masterclass Miniatures will remain “evergreen”.  Less popular miniatures will be retired. (Don’t worry, if that happens, we’ll make sure to give you a heads up!).

2. New Monthly Masterclass releases

Our goal is to release at least two Masterclass miniatures per month. Releases will be a mix of regular release and limited edition miniatures.

3. Regular Releases

Regular release miniatures will move into our permanent range and we will maintain stock as outlined above.

Proceeds from regular release Masterclass Miniatures will go towards implementing the reorganization and overhead of Ninja Division, with a priority on continuing constant releases for the Masterclass line. These priorities are: art, sculpting, layout, tooling, manufacturing, packaging and print, shipping, updating/replacing molds, warehousing, and webhosting.

4. Limited Edition

Limited edition miniatures will be available in limited quantities or only during a specific sales window (e.g. 750 quantity, one month only, etc).

100% of the proceeds from Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures will be locked in the bank and assigned to specific goals to help move us towards Kickstarter fulfillment.  

After setting each goal, we will keep you informed of the status of the funds we are raising towards the goal, and then once finished, we will deploy that element of the Kickstarter. We will then assign the next goal.

Our first goal is to clear our outstanding debt with our primary Super Dungeon Masterclass manufacturers so that we can get this engine started.

Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Masterclass

Upcoming Releases

We have many exciting Masterclass Miniatures lined up that we had diligently worked on before we had to put on the brakes and begin reorganization. This means we have a deep pool of sculpts and concepts to draw upon to help jump-start this process. We will be starting with Super Dungeon models, but we have great plans for fans of Relic Knights, Rail Raiders, and more!

Our first releases are three exciting Super Dungeon x Relic Knights chibi miniatures. These will both be Limited Edition Leopold Magnus and Bang-Bang will be available this week! Tahariel will be available next month.


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to
contact us.


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