Glauerdoom Moor

Glauerdoom Moor
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 Glauerdoom Moor

Just as it is wrong to think of Glauerdoom as an unmitigated blight on the face of Crystalia, it is wrong to think of its former state as an idyllic paradise desecrated by a disembodied spirit of evil. The Glauer Downs were a place of bucolic beauty, according to all reports, but this brought its own hardships and difficulties. And the destruction of that bounteous land came not directly at the Dark Consul’s hand. The pride and spite of one of its great scions brought the Glauer Downs low, and though dark magics were in play for the final collapse, they were the long-desired culmination of a willing and eager head-long plunge into evil.


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Few places in Crystalia better exemplify the horrors visited upon the world by the Dark Consul and his minions than Glauerdoom Moor. And yet, the terror and evil that have cursed this dreary realm are not the workings of that great enemy. Rather, they are the result of personal ambition, hubris, and arrogance. No realm is more infamously a victim of its monsters, and the worst are monsters of its own making.



The border between this world and the Dark Realm is thin here, allowing those who would tap dark power to run riot. The proliferation of sickness, decay, and sinking death attest to this. On the Moor, so they say, nothing endures except the water. Here above all other places are victories fleeting and dearly won.


Venture Into The Moor And Challenge Jack Scarecrow!




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