The Heart's Desire.

The Heart's Desire.
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The Heart Wants What it Wants!

As we roll into the early holidays of the year, we all think warm thoughts of our special someone! Well, we have a lovely and sugar coated surprise for everyone.


Super Dungeon Candy, Lady Of The Heart

Candy, Lady Of The Heart is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Casanova Cola

Casanova Cola is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Our own Candy and Cola have shown up all a twitter with warm greetings for their fans! Candy, Lady of the Heart, and Casanova Cola will only be around for a little while.

These Limited Edition Masterclass miniatures will be available to order only until Midnight May 8th. Get them while you can! 



Super Dungeon Shrine Sisters

Shrine Sisters is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.

For our Dungeoneers, we have yet more surprises! From the Island of Kagejima, our first tandem hero set, Twin Sisters and fierce guardians of their shrine to the islands Kami. With thrusting blades and magical attacks, these girls mean business.


Super Dungeon Lahkpa

Lahkpa is a Hero model for Super Dungeon.


And last, but certainly not least, a new hero joins the ranks of adventurers. This whimsical demon is a fair minded sort, and will help you get into all kinds of trouble, but be sure to reward it for its efforts, or it might leave you alone to find your way out on your own!


Find Your Heart's Shrine, Today!


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