The Ice Dragon Cometh!

The Ice Dragon Cometh!
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The Lord of the Frostbyte Reach

As this year comes to a close, we are very thankful for your continued support and enthusiasm. We want to cap off the year with a truly magnificent addition to your collections. Introducing the Lord of the frozen wastes, the mighty Dragon, Hoarfang!

This epic miniature towers tall and takes up NINE squares on your dungeon map. Looks like dragons in Super Dungeon are about to get proper HUGE!


Super Dungeon Hoarfang

Hoarfang is a Dungeon Boss and Creep model set for Super Dungeon.


Surprisingly, Hoarfang is a rather sociable dragon. It is not uncommon for her to visit the dwarves of Barrelroll Pass for a barrel or ten of ale, alight upon the summits of the Skullwhite Fastness to consult the Jotnar, or to lounge among the flittering fires of freyjan prides. Unfortunately, her sociable nature is impish by instinct, and misspoken word, promise, or deed by a town elder can indebt entire towns for generations to Hoarfang. Hoarfang considers herself a magnanimous and benevolent Dragon Lord, yet the Frostbyte Reach is pocked with ruins of civilizations which discovered the truth of their Lord’s “generosity.”


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


Hoarfang is seldom taking up roost without a scampering horde of Frost Imps. Centuries of life within the bitter cold of the Frostbyte Reach have caused Frost Imps to mutate and adapt to their surroundings. Frost Imps souls are as cold and hard as the land they call home. They delight in causing avalanches upon travelling caravans, trapping hunters in snowdrifts, or simply putting snow down a sleeping hero’s pants.


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


The combination of these crazy creatures and a giant dragon are a big threat to any adventurers party. Hoarfang already has a powerful stat line, flies, is immune to the cold and is monstrous in size. But its the ravaging attacks and abilities that will freeze heroes in place, and shift the very ground under them to cause them to slide towards their doom in an icy dungeon. You will have to be very sure on your feet to ensure you don’t become a permanent resident of this Icy Dragon's roost.


Super Dungeon Frost Imps
Frost Imps is a Pet & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


Hoarfang’s Frost Imps, beyond swarming you and biting your ankles, will laugh maniacally as they push over drifts of snow onto advancing heroes, slowing them down and making them an easy meal for the Dungeon’s boss.


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


A monstrous miniature, snarling creeps, Mighty Monster Charts for both Super Dungeon: Explore and Super Dungeon: Arcade, epic loot, boss fight cards, and a stack of challenge cards make this an awe inspiring set!


Hoarfang, The Lord of the Frostbyte Reach Is Available, Now!



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Production Update

There have been unexpected disruptions from multiple suppliers which has resulted in production delays. We are working closely with them to mitigate problems and resolve these delays as soon as possible.


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From all of us at Ninja Division, thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


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