The Last Few

The Last Few
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They Shall Be Remembered.

A few more of our Masterclass Miniatures stocks are dwindling, so here they are for their swan song! The Star Guild Rock Singer is taking her last bow but Black Snow may not know of his fate. Meanwhile the Mistmourn Warg is returning to the mists and White Knight Candy is heading for distant lands.


Super Dungeon Black Snow
Black Snow is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Wandering the frozen expanses of Frostbyte Reach the outcast noble, Black Snow, watches for signs of the return of the Lich King. He hopes to one day end his watch and return to a life of peace and warmth. He wonders if he will succeed, on this... he knows nothing.


Super Dungeon Mistmourn Warg
Mistmourn Warg is a Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


The wargs of the Mistmourn Coast are savage and dangerous predators. Unlike other wargs, Mistmourn Wargs are not pack hunters. Instead, each one strikes out on its own to claim its territory. These beasts grow to exceptional size and are frequently manipulated by the Dark Consul against the heroes of Crystalia. When a warg leads the Consul's minions into battle, its howl emboldens those around it driving them into a frenzy!


Super Dungeon Star Guild Rock Singer

Star Guild Rock Singer is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


High atop the peaks of the world, the Star Guild watches the sky. In great choruses, the Rock Singers call to the heavens, with the Song of Stars. Their song awakens the spirit of the stars and draws fragments of starmetal to the earth. In her lifetime a Rock Singer may only ever succeed in calling a few ounces of this precious metal, but with it, the guild works wonders. 


Super Dungeon White Knight Candy
White Knight Candy is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


These miniatures are only available While Stocks Last and some have already sold out! So come one and all for your chance to pick up the last of these fantastic Masterclass Miniatures, soon to be gone but never forgotten.


Hurry, Before They're All Gone!


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