The Lich King's Minions Arrive!

The Lich King's Minions Arrive!

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The Lich King's Minions Arrive!



Cursed Jarl

In order to unite the warring human tribes of Frostbyte Reavers, Elrik was required to earn (or force) the allegiance of each tribe’s powerful Jarl. Drawn to Elrik’s might—both physical and magical—most Jarls happily supported his claims to kingship and the riches it brought to them. They did not know of the dark powers which Elrik tapped to gain his strength. When Elrik ascended to Lichdom the Jarls were bestowed the curse of undeath, doomed to serve their King forever. 

The Cursed Jarl is an all new Mini-Boss!




Cursed Barrow

When Elrik doomed his Reavers to the curse of undeath, he ordered the construction of a grand and macabre hall, to house him and his new warriors, deep beneath the Frostbyte Reach. Resembling a tomb more than a palace or castle, the Hall of the Lich King sprawls for untold miles beneath the surface. The only sign of the Hall upon the surface are the burial mounds of the cursed barrows. Here, Elrik’s cursed draugr warriors take rest, ever alert for trespassing Heroes.

The Cursed Barrow is an all new Spawning Point!

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