The Prince's Guild: Gameplay

The Prince's Guild: Gameplay
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Goblin's Abound!

The Prince’s minions are an underhanded guild of thieves and cutthroats. Using the shadows to their advantage, they lurk, sneak, and then attack the unwary.

The maze of pipes and paths under the Cove are many and some old enough to have been lost to memory or record. This is the domain of the Pauper Prince. In game, the Sewer Pipes stand in place to spawn his dreadful minions to the table. And a healthy warning, less you get overrun, destroying one will spawn a swarm of Dirty Rats! Yuk!


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


Lowest on the totem pole are the Guttersnipes. These rank goblin thieves cloak themselves in shadows and can be unusually stabby for something so runty and small. With a speed of 7 and 3 Blue STR, they are solid combatants on any scale. With the ability to light up Smoke Braziers they can create an Aura of Steath to themselves and allies within 3 squares, keeping things sneaky.


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


It’s the abilities of Mob, and Yoink! that are their hallmark. Mob is one of the earliest rules in the game, adding STR to each attacker beyond the first up to an additional 3 Blue STR bonus per attack. Yoink!, on the other hand, has some interesting interactions with the Pauper Prince and some of his crew. A model that achieves a Critical Success in combat forces its target to discard equipped loot at random. Now what would he do with that?


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


Fetchs are another of the goblin minions from the sewers. More aggressive than standard Guttersnipes, they meet out the bruises with their attacks and trap enemies under their nets to Immobilize them. All the better to get fleeced in some brackish corner of the sewer as, they too, take advantage of Mob and Yoink!


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


With all the pickpocketing and bonking going on, the brave heroes must also attempt to best the cunning leaders of these mobs. Moffets are reasonably well armed, making ranged attacks with their clockwork pistols, and when in need, can fill a room with hot lead to help sift out the rabble. In synergy with Yoink! Moffets can call Dibs and equip items as if they were heroes, making their possible damage output or defense much improved for such a pint-sized troublemaker.

Proud under the banner of the Pauper Prince, these ruffians will strip you to your skivvies and leave you alone in the dark sewers without a stitch of clothes or a drop of water if you are foolish enough to enter alone!


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