The Royal Guard

The Royal Guard

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The Royal Guard

With it’s command centered in Crown Tower in Castle Town, the Royal Guard represents the King’s own military arm. Raised and charged with the defense of the realm, training of it’s soldiery, guarding the highways, watch towers, and walls of the great Kingdom.



When war beckons, or when allies call for aid, it is the Guard that is sent to the defense of Crystalia’s people. Joined by the many knightly orders, paladins, and at times, even the mighty war machines and beasts of the King’s armory, the Royal Guard has been the cornerstone of peace and prosperity in Crystalia.



The King’s regiments and battalions are easy to recognize. Every column and outpost bears the sigil of the current King of Crystalia, King Jasper. The 5 pointed star, representing his five daughters, is born on a field of royal blue. Signifiers and bannermen, no matter their house or order, will also bear the King’s banner at the front of any column set out to do war in the kingdom’s name.



Only the Royal Guard’s own regiments bear the crown and blue on their livery and shields. As they are to be held to the highest standards of chivalry and martial tradition. To wear the colors of the King is to be the very arm that raises a sword against the darkness, and the light to banish it away. To dishonor that crest is to invite yourself to be cast out and to wander in darkness. Never to be able to call on the Goddess, and never to stand in fair Castle Town again.


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