The Season is Upon Us!

The Season is Upon Us!
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The Season is Upon Us!

Fall winds blow, wherever you are, we hope that you are settling in for a long season of fun, games, and keeping warm by the torchfire. It’s time to welcome back old friends, this week, we are releasing three holiday favorites. Available now through Sunday December 19th!


Beware the Krampus!

The winter solstice is a time of celebration in Crystalia: a warm fire, hot cocoa, and good friends gathered to exchange gifts. That is, at least, if you have been good.


Super Dungeon Krampus


If you have been naughty, the solstice is a time of terror, cowering, and hiding from the Krampus as he stalks through the night, looking to punish all the disobedient boys and girls...


Do not fear, Kringle comes again!

The winter solstice is a time of family and celebration for the citizens of Crystalia. Warm around their hearths, sipping on mugs of hot cocoa, they tell stories of the mischievous faerie known as Kringle who rewards those who have been nice and punishes the naughty.


Super Dungeon Kringle


Stay off the naughty list this year and invite Kringle into your party! Make sure to leave out some cookies and milk… Dungeoneering is hard work!


There is no mountain too tall for Ice Climber Candy!

“Those thieving orcs came through this way. They met the kobolds here. Looks like there was a scuffle. After the dust settled they made camp together. And over here ... over here .... is where they drank my soda.  They’re all gonna pay!”


Super Dungeon Ice Climber Candy


Don’t get between a girl and her soda! Ice Climber Candy returns to lay down some frost laden justice on the denizens of Icy Dungeons and Frozen Wastes!


Get Ready For Winter With These Limited Edition Sets, Today!


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