The Second Tide

The Second Tide
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The Second Tide

This week we explore a new Spawn, Mini-Bosses and rules coming to Super Dungeon. Hold onto your helmets - its about to get loud!

The Orc has a natural exuberance for status and proclivity for destruction rivaled by few of the monstrous races in Crystalia. Even the denizens of the Dark Consul will steer a wide path around Orc strongholds, as they tend to be numerous, and enjoy the collecting and polishing of many different kinds of bones and skulls for their decoration. They don’t seem to be too picky if it is friend or foe.

Super Dungeon Vlad The Perforator
Vlad The Perforator is a Mini-Boss and Hero model for Super Dungeon.


In that tribal mentality, there is a diverse factionalization that drives different quarters of Orcs. They rally behind leaders that demonstrate destructive tendencies, and the ability to deliver on promises of loot and mayhem. And thus, there are a wide variety of paths to follow as a young Orc, who to model your success behind, and different means to achieve it.


Super Dungeon CharmancerCharmancer is a Mini-Boss and Hero model for Super Dungeon.


The Powder Ladz, and many of their followers, beyond being bellicose and belligerent like many of their ilk, are attracted to the means to a loud and preposterously obnoxious end for their enemies at the point of a recent invention in Crystalia, the Gnomish Fireloque, or as the Orcs call them, bang sticks.


Super Dungeon Powder LadzPowder Ladz is a Spawning Point model set for Super Dungeon.


Less than scrupulous Gnomes and other marketeers in Clockwork Cove see no problem about selling prodigious amounts of the refined explosive powder, shot, and the rare crate of “bang sticks” to the Orcs, thinking they will just blow themselves up with all of it. The merchants are not entirely wrong, but the status of an Orc with just such a weapon just drives the demand, increasing the wealth flowing back into the Cove's underworld and causing a self-replicating problem.


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