The Thresher: Gameplay

The Thresher: Gameplay
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It’s Creepy How it’s Eyes Seem to Follow You.

Ahead of the rotting mulch, the stomping feet, and flocks of Underdead Crows, the mighty Thresher walks to bring ruin to the people of Crystalia, striking where it hurts the most, their bellies!

Don’t let this beast's Flammable make you believe it is presenting a weakness. The Thresher is a mean and massive enemy to run across no matter who you are. With a mighty reach of 3 squares on STR attacks, and 2 Red and 2 Green on basic attacks, the flailing might of the Thresher will be felt by all. If you can power through its 5 Blue ARM, you might just put some damage on its 8 Wound profile!


Super Dungeon The Thresher


Cull The Weak works best in combination with Heroes suffering from Bane, but rest assured, the Underdead Crows and other minions of this Corrupted Harvest deal it out in droves. Cull The Weak delivers Massive Damage to any affected by Bane.

The more you punch at The Thresher, the more shakes out of its rotting timbers and threads. Bag Of Crows is a special rule affecting the Thresher, should he successfully make a defensive roll against an attack, you can then spawn one Underdead Crow Creep adjacent for each heart rolled (up to a max of 4 in play), and with 5 Blue dice for his armour, the odds are high!


Super Dungeon The Thresher


Cloud Of Straw pushes out a cloud of cursed stuffing, affecting enemies nearby with a WILL attack and Hex. Not to be outdone by fancy moves or a shirt stuffed with Underdead Crows, The Thresher can do his Pumpkin Toss, hurling enemies up to 4 squares and dealing damage all the way.


Beware The Thresher, He Is A Powerful Enemy!


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