The Treant and Beserker

The Treant and Beserker
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The Treant and Beserker

The dark and twisted paths of the Lordship Ruins and the Kodama infested forests are home to more dangers than just chimera and angry produce. A Hero might detect the heavy footfall of some of The Forgotten King’s more terrible minions.


Trent the Treant

Young by treant standards Trent was always a bad seed. Rooted in the faery-haunted Mistmourn Coast, he was always cranky and inclined to distrust. Even so, Trent was slow to anger as the mischievous fae lurking in the mists would tease and taunt him.


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After several centuries the young treant could stand it no longer, uprooting and wreaking vengeance upon the playful fae. Once his fury was unleashed it was as long-lived as the Fae Wood itself. In the end, it was remarkably easy for the Dark Consul’s whispers to turn Trent’s fury towards all the peoples of Crystalia.


Bashful Boris

When human, Boris was a large and gentle lad. During The Forgotten King’s rebellion, Boris leapt at the chance to prove himself to his noble lord, only to quickly turn timid and fearful when faced with the reality of war.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses


When the curse possessed him it unlocked a dark reflection of his soul, gripping his mind in a berserk madness. Now, Boris is a terror to all the Heroes of Crystalia. Raging and frothing at the mouth as he fights, heedless of those lesser minions who might be in his way.


Heroic Counterparts

There are occasions when we release a Mini-Boss with a card which allows you to use them as Heroes in your games of Super Dungeon.  Trent and Boris come with Hero cards in the form of the Deeproot Treant and the Bearstruck Beserker so that you can add them to your adventuring party.  Perhaps in your games of Super Dungeon, you can redeem Trent and Boris and bring them back to the side of the light?


Deeproot Treant

By nature Kodama are protectors of the Fae Wood.  Only the shadow of the Dark Consul turns these gentle created into monsters to fear. Treants are some of the forest's mightiest guardians, and their corruption is a loss felt by all. 


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Not willing to allow the blight of the Dark Consul to go uncontested the Deeproot Treants have awoken with terrible rage. They are determined to see the Dark Consul driven from the Fae Wood forever.


Bearstruck Berserker

Centuries after the followers of The Forgotten King were cursed into their twisted chimeric forms, some have begun to break free of the influence of the Dark Consul. These doomed Heroes wander the Fae Wood seeking redemption.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses


On rare occasions these chimera can convince a party of Heroes to allow them to join. When this occurs the chimera prove to be fearsome allies, determined to prove themselves worthy of the honor.


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