The Ultimate Super Dungeon Miniatures for Hobbyists

The Ultimate Super Dungeon Miniatures for Hobbyists
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Super Dungeon: Conquest Multipart Miniatures

Super Dungeon: Conquest is here! And with it, one of the most exciting developments ever for Super Dungeon hobbyists — multipart customizable miniatures! 

While Super Dungeon: Conquest the game is still in the early stages of its development, its accompanying Masterclass miniature range is already off to a roaring start with multiple kits that allow you to create a broad range of unique miniatures for your collection.

The most exciting aspect of these new Super Dungeon miniatures is that each one comes with multiple ways to build and customize your miniatures. 

If you rally for the forces of Light, the Sapphire Royal Guard kit is an essential starting place. This kit includes 3x bodies, 3x heads, 3x plumes, 3x shield arms, 3x spear arms, and 3x sword arms, allowing you to build each of your Royal Guard miniatures with a unique appearance.

But it's not just your troops that you can customize. Every commander model also has a wealth of options to build the ideal leader for your forces.

Once you get your creative energies moving, nothing prevents you from mixing components from all the kits to create models which are wholly unique to your Super Dungeon: Conquest battlefields.

As the Super Dungeon: Conquest line continues to expand, we cannot wait to see what clever and inspirational conversions fans come up with! Be sure to share your creations with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! 

(Cackling necromancers and hordes of skeletons more your speed? Don't worry, we've got you covered!)

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