The Thresher: Lore

The Thresher: Lore
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Let Them Fall, Like Sheaves of Wheat!

Often mistaken for the The Great Pumpkin, Threshers are magically imbued constructs of hay, wood, and a burning desire to reap all living things like wheat in the field. With a slow stomping tread, straw and bugs shake out from the creature’s rotten timbers with each step, often giving a nasty case of hay fever to any heroes with allergies nearby.


Super Dungeon Thresher


The machinations of the Dark Consul are varied and complex. No one expected such bold attacks in the heart of civilization, above ground and out of the dungeons. And at the very center of the corruption and pestilence is the Thresher.

Said to have been born of the malice of a Dark Kodama Bitter Root. A carved token of wood from such a tree was all the anger needed to provide a gateway for the Dark Consul to work his evil magic. And thus, was the Thresher born. The towering construct of straw and timbers seems to drag itself along, wielding a monstrous enchanted flail.


Super Dungeon The Thresher


To encounter a Thresher is to feel your very courage sapped. You do not fight a living beast, prone to anger or rage, only the cold machinations of an evil will, placed on an inanimate puppet. Your bravery, your courage, will count for nothing more than the mulch you will be buried in should you fail.


Dare You Face The Thresher?


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