Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!
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The Clock Chimes Soon!

This week we have been highlighting our Masterclass Miniatures which are only available While Supplies Last. Many of these have now sold out and will never return to our store!

Today we present some of our plastic miniatures which are also in limited supply. These long-standing products have waited a long time to find their home in games of Super Dungeon. To make them even more tempting we have some exciting bundles for you!


Super Dungeon Tabbybrook Mage & Deeproot Wolf Rider Bundle
Tabbybrook Mage & Deeproot Wolf Rider Bundle is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.

Super Dungeon Jack Scarecrow & Captain R Bundle
Jack Scarecrow & Captain R Bundle is a Hero and Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


Mages are rare in Freyjan society. Those few who have both the aptitude and calling for magic inevitably lean towards the elemental disciplines. Tabbybrook Mages, harness water in all its forms, using it to drive enemies back and wash away their companions' wounds. When pressed, they can even unleash frozen blasts of ice or scalding geysers that burn the flesh with all the intensity of fire.


Super Dungeon Tabbybrook Mage
Tabbybrook Mage is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


The Deeproot Wolf Riders patrol the dangerous borders of the Fae Wood. Their spirit wolves are renowned predators of the Mistmourn Coast. Only the bravest and most skilled Deeproot Elves can hope to befriend one to carry them into battle.


Super Dungeon Deeproot Wolf Rider
Deeproot Wolf Rider is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Given life by cackling hedge wizards and village crones, Scarecrows are charged with protecting both village and farm from the predation of the Dark Consul's monsters. Old Jack was the first Scarecrow given life by over-eager farmers a century ago. Unfortunately, the farmers' crude hedge magic was easily corrupted by the Dark Consul. Now Jack is a scourge upon the very villages and farms he was created to protect.


Super Dungeon Jack Scarecrow
Jack Scarecrow is a Hero and Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


ARRRRR! Tha Drowned Isles be a constant headache fer sailors an' ships of tha Clockwork Cove. Tha dreaded land mass be swarmin' wit cutthroats an' scaliwags ta spare, an' none be as successful as tha black hearted Cap'n R. They say 'ees plied tha seas fer a hundred years an' sent just as many ships to tha deep. Riches will flow fer tha Hero who finally gets tha best of 'im, because he who gets tha Cap'n gets 'is gold.


Super Dungeon Captain R
Captain R is a Hero and Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


Get these wonderful miniatures before they are gone like so many of our past plastic sets


Act Now, They're Going Fast!


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