Time's Running Out

Time's Running Out
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Time's Running Out

Yesterday we released a selection of Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures for the final time. Some have already sold out and will never return!

Today, we take a brief look at three Masterclass Miniature sets which are also heading into retirement and are only available While Stocks Last. Two of which have been combined into a discounted bundle!


Super Dungeon Gloomborn Champion & Hecate Vilehorn Bundle

Gloomborn Champion & Hecate Vilehorn Bundle is a  Hero and Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


Crystalia is home to all manner of undead, witches, demons, and things that go bump in the night. Some of these things, such as Sanctioned Witches and Gloomborn Champions, have seen the light of the Goddess. In such cases, they must be watched carefully to make sure that they do not stray from the light. If they do, a Night Hunter will be sent to find them.


Super Dungeon Night Hunter
Night Hunter is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


While most necromancers sever the intellect from their creations, a few risen are allowed to retain their knowledge and even personalities. Typically this is so they can serve as lieutenants, mages, or fulfill other skilled necessities in the necromancer’s plan. Occasionally this backfires, and a Gloomborn Champion is born. Former Heroes, Gloomborn Champions fight free of the necromancer’s control and escape their enslavement.


Super Dungeon Gloomborn Champion
Gloomborn Champion is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Hecate Vilehorn was once one of the most respected Thundervale druids. But she became obsessed with the idea of immortality and sought after it with a combination of druidic magic and things she learned studying the ways of various witch covens. Her druidic kin considered this quest an affront to the natural world and, when she refused to stop, they destroyed her. Through vile magic, she rose once more and now she stalks the Glauerdoom Moor, searching for the spell that will end her twilight of undeath and bring her back entirely.


Super Dungeon Hecate Vilehorn
Hecate Vilehorn is a Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


Snap up these spooky miniatures before the they disappear into the mists of the Glauerdoom Moor, never to be seen in our webstore again. 


They're Going Fast!


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