Trick-or-Treat Cola

Trick-or-Treat Cola
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Trick-or-Treat Cola

Treating each annual festival as a new chance to “up-his-game”, Cola’s costume choices are always a hit at parties. But beware, if the sweets aren’t forthcoming, he takes his tricks as seriously as his treats.


Super Dungeon Trick-or-Treat Cola


Taking a note from some unruly goblins he’s seen riding cave monsters, Cola has taken to bringing out his friend Gourdy on his Trick-or-Treating adventures. Pumpkins can be useful friends, you can stand on them to reach high bowls of candy, you can hide behind them to stay out of trouble, and in a pinch, they make tasty pies!


Super Dungeon Trick-Or-Treat Cola


Cola always brings a treat to your party. With Luck on his side, when you draw Treasure you'll be able to take an extra card before shuffling one back into the deck. Look out for some sweet and sticky antics from our favorite sweet tooth this Halloween!


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