Trixie, Master of Chains

Trixie, Master of Chains
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Trixie - Master of Chains

In the Riftling pantheon, there are few more powerful entities than Araphel the Maleficent, Goddess of Bondage. Often prayed to for guidance by scheming lords and agents of the Consul, those that have Her favor gain the power to control the wills of their enemies. Massive labyrinths with twisting levels and devious traps are used to test the neophytes of this secret order. Only by mastering the minions of this dark oubliette can one secure their escape and be welcomed to the priesthood.

Skilled in breaking enemies’ wills and enslaving weaker minds to do the bidding of their clients and masters, the Master of Chains is on the prowl. Beware the snare of a priestess of Araphel!


Super Dungeon Trixie, Master of Chains


Trixie was one such nefarious priestess, having escaped Araphel’s oubliette, was welcomed into the ranks of her sisters, ready to enslave the minds and hearts of the Dark Consul’s enemies. But it was on the eve of breaking her one thousandth hero, Trixie paused before trying again to break this grizzled hero before her. His eyes gleamed with a purpose and fire she had not seen before, he kept muttering through clenched teeth… “Amethyst…”


Super Dungeon Trixie, Master of Chains


So, whatever mission that this green eyed knight was on, was enough to help resist her considerable will. Instead, Trixie freed the handsome knight, the spell of Araphel over her, broken.  She led him through the maze to the surface, he nodded his appreciation and paced off into the fog.  As she stood there, feeling the cool breeze for the first time in a century, she summoned her personal slime attendant, mounted it, and rode off to explore the world and find adventure of her own.


Explore Crystalia with Trixie!


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