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This Walrus Rider is Your Blubbery Doom!

So I look ‘er straight in the eye and say, “We’re meant to be lass. Yer comin’ with me.” Then she rears up, lets out a bellow so loud it cracked the sea ice and headbutts me so hard it cracked my helmet and my noggin’ (just a bit). I told ‘er I loved ‘er right then and there.

The Tusk Raider lets you bring a half-mad, enraged Hero to your games of Super Dungeon. We’re not entirely certain if the walrus is in charge or the dwarf. Either way, it’s bad news for monsters.


Super Dungeon Tusk Raider


If you like playing Heroes that are all about offensive output, one look at the Tusk Raider’s attributes is sure to win your heart. Bolstering a brutal STR of a blue and green dice with a melee attack range of 3 squares, the Tusk Raider starts the game hitting hard. But they are a rare dual offensive threat who also has a range 6 missile attack using its DEX of 2 red dice. This combo allows the Tusk Raider to be a versatile Hero for your party when it comes time to decide which Hero gets which piece of equipment.

This offensive power and resilience does come with a risk though. During every Consul power-up, the Angry Walrus ability requires the roll of 1 blue dice. If any stars are rolled the Tusk Raider moves that many squares and melee attacks a Hero! So cautious Heroes want to give the Tusk Raider a wide birth or, alternatively, you can throw caution to the wind and take the 50/50 chance of an angry walrus attack!


Super Dungeon Tusk Raider


The Tusk Raider’s potion, Rage-Inducing Musk, gives the drinker the Berserk ability granting a free basic melee attack during its activation, but at the cost of Rage Musk. What is this mighty musk you ask? Well, it causes the Angry Walrus ability to roll a red dice. Increasing the odds of a friendly walrus attack to 1/3rd of the time and extending its potential rage. While the idea of rampaging walruses is, well, hilarious a party should only consider using the potion if the Tusk Raider is well out of range of the party or that one extra melee attack is really going to do something wonderful.


Super Dungeon Tusk Raider


The Tusk Raider has a pair of offensive unique actions. Drag and Chomp is a missile attack that grants +1 red dice to DEX. When it succeeds it pulls the target 4 squares towards the Tusk Raider, who can then make a basic melee attack against the target. While it costs 2 action points you get the dice bonus, the potential for two attacks, plus a great way to disrupt a monster’s positioning. Which is useful for foiling the Consul’s plans in Super Dungeon: Explore or removing gang bonuses in Super Dungeon: Arcade.

Blubbery Doom is the Tusk Raider’s melee oriented offensive action. It grants +1 red dice to STR and is also a potent area-of-effect attack and movement ability in one thanks to Lance and Charge. Since the Tusk Raider is a large-base model, its Lance 6 covers a sizeable 12 square area. While Charge allows it to move anywhere within the area at the end of the attack. Blubbery Doom, helps make up for a low movement of 5 squares and can be a great way to get itself out of range of other Heroes to avoid Angry Walrus attacks.


Super Dungeon Dwarf Hero Bundle
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For defense, the Tusk Raider packs a dwarven ARM of 2 red dice and a beefy (blubbery?) 7 hearts, making them a heavy hitting duo that can also take a hit.

When used well the Tusk Raider’s threat to monsters is enormous. It’s also an amazingly fun model to play thanks to its long range, high attributes, and dash of unpredictability.


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