Underdead Crows

Underdead Crows
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Behold, the Harbingers Approach!

Since the uprising in the farmlands, the Strawmen have taken to snatching up crows that brave the fields to turn them to their own nefarious purposes. People were happy at first, the blight of crows that could descend on the fields and peck away at their crops were not around anymore. Good riddance!

But now… now they return in flocks of milky eyed, frayed feathered madness. Diving through windows, attacking with great ferocity, to where townsfolk have even taken to hiring heroes to defend their lands from the plague.


Super Dungeon Underdead Crows


Underdead Crows fly as the vanguard, the eyes and ears of The Threshers' new war, waged against the inhabitants of Crystalia. Clouds of birds swirl in great storms around the monsters that follow in the beasts wake. So, beware, brave adventurers, be sure to watch the birds of the air to see if they are watching you in turn.


Super Dungeon Underdead Crows


Players will find a new definition of annoyance with the denizens of The Thresher's dungeons. Underdead Crows are fast, fly, and can land devastating massive damage attacks out of the nowhere. Though the flying creatures explode in a shower of bones and feathers, their curse Eat Crow will linger on any struck by their attack. Cackling and clawing crows stay embedded in armor and visors causing Bane as heroes are pulled down by the Threshers minions with greater ease. Yet something else we would wish back into the cornfields to stay.


Super Dungeon Underdead Crows


But all is not doom and gloom. Underdead Crows will sometimes become fiercely loyal pets to particular heroes. Though it seems to be that they might just be waiting around for the hero to expire so these Ex-Crows can make off with some shiny baubles for their nests as they did in life.


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