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Virtuous Blade
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Right for Might! The Virtuous Blade Returns!

A subset of the silver Chevaliers, Virtuous Blades devote themselves not only to the ideals of honor but also service to Crystalia. These martial champions take strict vows of piety, poverty and service. Their sacrifice and devotion causes many to assume they belong to one of the Paladin orders. Indeed, they find common cause with the paladins. But their secular nature and focus on service affords them greater acceptance from the many diverse cultures of Crystalia. Virtuous Blades are often elevated to roles of leadership so they can best martial all the forces of Light against the darkness.


Super Dungeon Virtuous Blade


These mighty heroes are not only represented in games of Super Dungeon by amazing models, but also as powerful player characters. With exceptional starting armor and attack ability, command abilities allow for control of the board by moving friendly heroes and getting others to take attack actions. 


Super Dungeon Virtuous Blade


Her strong sword arm is bolstered by Strike True, adding 2 RED dice for a serendipitous heavy hit! Her strong virtue means she can spur all heroes into action with her Rallying Blade and summon friends with To My Side for tactical redeployment. And if she's taken too much damage, the delicate refreshment of Cucumber Water fixes what ails with Heal 1 for every star rolled on 2 RED dice!

A good all-round hero, the Virtuous Blade is a strong addition to any good adventuring party!


Carve Through Injustice With The Virtuous Blade Today!


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