White Knight Candy

White Knight Candy
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“Let Me Solo It!”

Ever the hero to the downtrodden, and devoting herself to defending those who can’t defend themselves, White Knight Candy will step into whatever fray there may be, even if the occasion didn’t call for her to. Such are the ways of the White Knight!


Super Dungeon White Knight Candy


Oh, when Candy is on a roll, she doesn’t let up. This iteration of our dear and beloved Candy is a hero with some well round brick house, butt kicking, awesomeness. Right out the gate, with a 3 Blue STR melee attack and 2 Blue 1 Red ARM, she is a doughty fighter with all she needs to stay in the game. Tough removes a single wound token at the start of any new phase of play, keeping her constantly healing through the fight!

In keeping with the Paladin-like tropes, Smite is a familiar ability, adding knockdown, fire, and an additional Red STR to a single attack. Together We Prevail adds an additional Red WILL to all within 3 squares to better gird her team against malicious attacks or to goad her magically inclined friends into actions with incredible results.


Super Dungeon White Knight Candy


Don’t forget to cast an eye, respectfully, to the silver flask jangling on her hip. It is filled with Blessed Waters, a heady potion that grants Blessed Strike, an ability that adds +1 Star to all offensive rolls it makes for each spent Princess Coin on its card. Even the heroes with the most bruises can quickly get back into the game!


White Knight Candy Awaits To Do Battle On Your Behalf!


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