Who is Elrik the Lich King?

Who is Elrik the Lich King?

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Who is Elrik the Lich King?

Today we take a look at some of the rich background behind Super Dungeon’s newest dungeon boss, Elrik the Lich King.

Elrik is a Lich Lord, a rare and powerful necromancer who’s abilities have allowed them to transcend mortality through undeath, while retaining their independence and tremendous force of will. It is rumored that Elrik ascended to lichdom long before the rise of the Dark Consul, and refused to bend his knee to the Lord of Darkness.

Now, deep within the Frostbyte Reach, Elrik has conquered the majority of the nomadic warrior clans, cursing them to undeath as draugr. In addition to these undead clans, Elrik has drawn vast tribes of orcs and howling packs of gnolls to his armies. Inexorably, he expands his power within the Frostbyte, crushing all who would resist him.

Super Dungeon: Elrik The Lich King

Implacable and taciturn, Elrik possesses the patience of death. But it is a foolish mortal who mistakes this patience for inaction, or worse, mercy; and the winding path to his fortress, Drenring, is lined with frozen examples of those who have earned his ire.

Nonetheless, Elrik is curious and erudite, often conversing extensively with Heroes that have captured his interest before consigning them to their fate. His keen mind and tactical acumen is routinely displayed upon the battlefield, bringing him definitive victory after victory against dwarven holds, freyjan enclaves, and even jotnar bastions.

Despite the berserk and bloodthirsty nature of many of his followers, Elrik is inclined towards conquest rather than devastation and many mortal cities now fly his banner rather than face extinction.

Super Dungeon: Elrik The Lich King

Elrik the Lich King is unquestionably a creature of darkness. Yet, he constantly rebukes those who would place him within the Dark Consul’s service. Emissaries of both the Midnight Queen and Lord Von Drakk are tolerated, but often return to their mistress in fury, bearing stories of being treated no differently than any common petitioner.

Agents of Araphel and The Destroyer are mercilessly rooted out to join the frozen path to Drenring. Servants of the Great Dragons seem to be held in particular contempt and even rumors of their draconic minions within his lands are enough for Elrik to dispatch warbands to hunt them out.

Indeed, it often seems that Elrik only finds common cause among the dark fae and chimeric creatures. Many whisper this is due to Elrik’s own origins, lost to prehistory when Crystalia was newly formed and the land remained wild and untamed.

Super Dungeon: Elrik The Lich King

Elrik will join his cursed legions of undead and howling packs of gnolls this Monday!


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