Winding Down

Winding Down
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Today we highlight even more of our limited supplies for your attention. We are delighted to present two more miniatures which had been secreted away in the treasure room. Ser Snapjaw and Succubus Vandella are now available for purchase but only While Supplies Last!

If you haven't had the chance to add these two classic miniatures to your dungeon party now is your chance. Made even more enticing with these new bundle deals!


Super Dungeon Herald of Vulcanis & Ser Snapjaw Bundle
Herald of Vulcanis & Ser Snapjaw Bundle is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.

Super Dungeon Kaelly The Nether Strider & Succubus Vandella Bundle
Kaelly The Nether Strider & Succubus Vandella Bundle is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Lord Vulcanis was cast from the marble halls of Celestia due to his fiery temper and bellicose nature. Since his fall he has focused his considerable might on destroying the Celestials' realm. Filled with fury at his continued failure he has sent his Heralds across Crystalia to rally the dark races to his banner and subjugate those who would oppose him.


Super Dungeon Herald of Vulcanis
Herald of Vulcanis is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Ser Snapjaw is the greatest Wyrm Claw Exemplar in an age. Legendary among lesser kobolds, they rally to Ser Snapjaw with zeal, his cunning leadership allowing them to fight with discipline that matches the mightiest armies.


Super Dungeon Ser Snapjaw
Ser Snapjaw is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Corrupted by the Dark Consul's malevolent influence, the Nether Striders are his favored instruments of terror. Wrapped in swirling darkness they are expert assassins, claiming the lives of generals, kings, and Heroes alike.


Super Dungeon Kaelly The Nether Strider
Kaelly The Nether Strider is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Not all of the Dark Consul's minions slash and bite. Some, like the succubi, seek to corrupt and beguile. To many, they are the most dangerous monsters of all and Vandella is their champion. This unique Mini-Boss will sow confusion and disarray among the Heroes invading your dungeon and add a little pleasure to their pain.


Super Dungeon Succubus Vandella
Succubus Vandella is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


So come one, come all, there's something for everyone here. The stalwart duo of Ser Snapjaw and the Herald of Vulcanis present a heavily armoured front. Whereas the fierce pair of Succubus Vandella and Kaelly The Nether Strider are agile and deal death with the sweetest of smiles.

These adaptable mini-bosses and hero combination sets are versatile and sure to enrich any game of Super Dungeon!


Get Them Before They're Gone For Good!


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