Yurei Chunin

Yurei Chunin
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Leading the Charge! Yurei Surge Like the Tide!

It is said that the hammers borne by the Yurei Chunin were the very ones used to close the final links of chain that held the Yurei clan nobles to their battle barges when they were cast into the ocean. Cursed with the most vile hatred for the Ika, these weapons are as much symbols of that hatred as they are tools for revenge.

At the head of each boarding party was always the unit’s Chunin. Looking after the welfare of their soldiers, bravely leading from the front by example, the Chunin were exemplars of the Yurei code of honor. The same code of honor that has cursed them to follow their Lord into a purgatory of timeless service.


Super Dungeon Yurei Chunin


With a strong fighting stat-line, and powerful support abilities, this crew chief is a serious threat to heroes. Despite a low move stat, the Chunin can call on Crashing Waves, granting him Pounce as part of his melee attack, bringing the hammer down on the unsuspecting! Unleashing a Fury Of Eternity this Mini-Boss adds an additional RED dice to his STR stat as well as Massive Damage AND Improved Critical for an attack that will leave heroes shaken to their core.


Super Dungeon Yurei Chunin


With The Drowning Deeps the Chunin reinforces the Yurei’s already powerful ability, Dragged To The Depths, allowing it to trigger for all Yurei on the same time whenever they're wounded instead of when they're destroyed! Finally, Call Of the Deep is the Yurei Chunin's passive ability granting them the chance to summon an 8-bit monster for every heart rolled as part of any successful attack.

This champion is exceptionally dangerous when working alongside their clan and adds a whole new level of peril for our heroes. Available now, the Yurei Chunin Mini-Boss is a great addition to your Yurei crew.


It’s Hammer Time!


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