Yurei no Tomomori

Yurei no Tomomori
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Yurei no Tomomori

In one last act of defiance, Tomomori wrapped himself in his ships anchor and threw himself into the sea instead of letting his head be taken by his Ika rivals. With a curse on his lips, many of his fallen clan still follow him in undeath to drag low their ancient rivals.


Super Dungeon Yurei No Tomomori


Start your exploration of the Yurei with their cursed leader Tomomori. While the hot rush of life flooded his body he was a powerful and influential leader that desired to unite all of Kagejima under a single banner. When the freedom loving clans would not be convinced to join his side, he fought a bitter civil war to dominate them by force. In death, he does not forget those who betrayed him, and he might even be reasoned with beyond his ocean deep wells of hatred, to unite for a common cause in the defence of Kagejima.


Super Dungeon Yurei No Tomomori


Powerful samurai hero, check. Massive iron anchor swung as a weapon, check. This is getting off to a good start!


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