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Yurei Oni
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Even In Death They Still Serve!

Amongst the many warriors that were sent to the bottom of the sea during the Yurei rebellion. There were quite a few Oni from some of the outlying islands in the service of Lord Tomomori. Their strength was used to batter their way onto the Ika’s castle ships. It is of no difference now, as even in death, they are terrifying and powerful foes.


Super Dungeon Yurei Oni


Armored in now rusted and moldered steel, these brutes still move with the speed and strength of their living years. Binding the will of these creatures is a great undertaking for any willpower, but it was only that the Oni understood that they were a part of a greater cause that kept them under the sway of the lords of the Yurei upon returning to their crusade above the waves.

So now, as rusted blades chop into enemies, and fish picked bones protrude from helmets and armor, the roar of battle is welcome after their long sleep in the silt and mud of forgotten seaborn battlefields.


Super Dungeon Yurei Oni


This powerful Mini-Boss will be a great addition to the denizens that lurk in the darkness of the dungeons of Kagejima. With mighty swings of it’s sword, this beast strikes out with whopping 2 Blue and 2 Green STR attacks with a reach of 3. Like some Yurei, it can bring down Crashing Waves with a Pounce attack. Beware the Undertow, however, as it can Pull heroes into reach for Massive Damage attacks that will Immobilize. When things are dire Storm Of Vengeance will rile up any Undead monsters in play giving them a free offensive action! Beware when the Yurei Oni is on the attack, for you just might end up in a watery grave!


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