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Golden Kobold Painting Competition

Welcome to Golden Kobold 2019! Golden Kobold is the world’s premier chibi painting contest and we are excited to make it available to entrants from around the world in its new online format. 

This year’s Golden Kobold runs November 15, 2019 - January 31, 2020. Winners will be announced February 14. 

Below are all of the rules you need to enter your beautifully painted chibi model into this year’s Golden Kobold. If you have any questions or just want to say, ‘hello’ please contact us at

Golden Kobold Categories

Painters may submit a single entry into each of the five available categories. (All entries must fulfill the Conditions of Entry.)

1. Single Miniature - Small

Entry must be a single figure, where all elements are based no larger than 40mm diameter, and up to 10cm tall including any decorative basing or plinth display.

2. Single Miniature - Large

Entry may be any single model entry where the size of the entire model and its display are larger than 40mm in diameter and smaller than 100mm, And no taller than 20cm.

3. Diorama

Entry may be any scene or diorama featuring one or more models of any size. The display may not exceed  dimensions of 20 x 20 x 25cm (8" x 8" x 10").

4. Judges Select

Care to try your skills against the very best? The Golden Kobold judges and special painter entrants will be battling for Golden Kobold glory in this masterclass category.

5. Junior Kobold 

This category is exclusive for entrants ages 12 and under! The model must meet the qualifications for the Single Miniature - Small or Single Miniature - Large categories and must be painted entirely by the Junior entrant.

Golden Kobold Conditions of Entry

1. Entries may be submitted from November 15, 2019 through January 31, 2020.

2. Limit one entry per entrant, per category.

3. Each entry must be submitted separately and follow all of the guidelines presented in How to Enter below. 

4. No more than five images may be submitted per entry. 

5. Images must be submitted in .jpg or .png format.

6. Photos must be taken on a plain background, e.g. not on a gaming board, etc.

7. All miniatures, including those used in dioramas, must be “Chibi” in design or product line.

8. Miniatures are not restricted to Ninja Division products and may be from any commercially available or self-made chibi product line.

9. Entries must not have been entered previously into any publicized competition.

10. Entries must not have been published in any professional or commercial media, either print or online, including but not limited to hobby magazines, manufacturer catalogs, advertisements, box art, or gaming materials such as character cards and rule books. 

11. Only one painter may be listed and credited as the entrant on any joint effort entries. There will be no co-credit given or duplication of prizes.

12. Entrants must be available to respond to questions about their entry within 48 hours of contact.

13. Painters agree to have their submitted image entries saved, videoed, or otherwise recorded by Ninja Division Publishing LLC., and such received images and recordings shall be the property of Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and shall be used in whatever manner Ninja Division Publishing LLC. sees fit without further reference or payment to the entrant. 

14. Violations of the rules are determined at the sole discretion of Ninja Division Publishing LLC and the Golden Kobold judges. If you are determined to have violated one of the rules, you are subject to disqualification from present and future Golden Kobold competitions and events.

How to Enter Golden Kobold

Golden Kobold 2019 is 100% online! To enter you will submit up to five images of each entry. You must follow all of the guidelines below when submitting your entry. Entries that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected.

1. Only one entry per email! If you are submitting multiple entries, you must submit each one with a separate email.

2. Email your entry to

3. The email’s subject line must be formatted: GK2019 - [Category] 

e.g. If you were submitting an entry for the Single Miniature - Small category the e-mail subject would be: GK2019 - Single Miniature - Small

4. The body of your email must include the following information, in the following order.

  • First and Last Name (or alias to be used).
  • Contact E-Mail
  • Country
  • Age Bracket (Junior or Adult)
  • Entry Name
  • Entry Category

5. Attach up to five images of your entry to the email. (Images must NOT be in the body of the email, they must be sent as attachments.)

6. Images must be jpg or png format.

7. Images must be named as follows: Golden Kobold-[Category]-[Painter’s Name]-[Image Number]

The following [category] tags may be used: small, large, diorama, select, junior

e.g. Golden Kobold-Small-John Smith-1

e.g. Golden Kobold-Diorama-Rebecca Smith-1, Golden Kobold-Diorama-Rebecca Smith-2, Golden Kobold-Diorama-Rebecca Smith-3

Golden Kobold Prizes

Each category will award a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Brush Kobold trophy.

Golden Kobold Trophies

The winner of the Gold Brush Kobold in each category will also be awarded an Army Painter Mega Paint Set

Golden Kobold Army Painter Mega Paint Set

Winners will be announced January 10, 2020.

Golden Kobold Sponsors

The Golden Kobold 2019 Competition is proudly supported by:

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