About Us

Ninja Division brings high-quality board games, card games, and hobby models to tabletops around the world. Ninja Division’s diverse catalog features the ground-breaking Super Dungeon® and Relic Knights® properties; and many other amazing products. Ninja Division provides rewarding game experiences for families and gamers of all ages!

Ninja Division is known for delivering not just amazing gameplay experiences, but rich and lively worlds for players to explore. Ninja Division's art is vibrant, lively, and immediately engaging for families and kids of all ages! The art is brought to life using top-of-the-line modeling software and quality resins and plastics, Ninja Division brings our games to life with charming, whimsical, and beautiful models that fans adore!

Ninja Division was founded from the desire to bring games that were colorful, vibrant, and effervescent to a market increasingly saturated with dystopian and grim themes. Ninja Division makes its mark by putting FUN first and creating robust worlds that players can enjoy with their families throughout their life, from childhood to adulthood.