Beware The Sohei Oni!

Beware The Sohei Oni!
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Beware The Sohei Oni!

Last week we introduced you to the monks of the Sohei and their powerful warriors. This week, we bring you one of their most powerful weapons, the Sohei Oni.

The Sohei are not particular about the weapons and means by which they battle the darkness. Powerful Madoushi and Priests banish foul spirits with charmed prayer slips on the pulp of holy trees thrice blessed by the Kami. Warriors tirelessly train with purified blades and weapons of every variety, from heavy studded clubs, long pole arms, and shining blades of silvered steel.

Super Dungeon Sohei Oni
Sohei Oni is a Mini-Boss model for Super Dungeon.


The mighty Shi are a species as ancient as Crystalia itself. Legend say that Ameratsu’s first steps upon Crystalia were taken with the loyal Shi at her side. These luminous creatures’ souls cannot be touched by darkness. They are joyful and playful when among children of light, as they are fierce and terrifying to creatures who dwell in darkness.


Summon The Sohei Oni, Today!


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