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Pay Attention, I Just Learned How to Do This!

Jun is a spritely and young hero ready to join any party. Fresh from the Mage’s academy, she has learned well the arts of defense, being quite immune to both HEX, and BANE. 


Super Dungeon Jun


She can Heal with a wink and a nod, or drop an area effect HEX, blasting nearby enemies with a powerful magical attack. What does not remove them from battle, will make them extra squishy to her friends. HEX not your speed, toss a Bane Bomb potion and watch the bodies fly!


Super Dungeon Jun


Jun also has a special knack for finding the very best treasure. Future Formula allows her to scry the possibilities to see where the best treasure can be found, allowing her to glance at the top cards of the treasure deck and rearrange them for her or her party members next chest opening. (Key for avoiding the occasional Boo-Booty!)


Bring The Bane!


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