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Severina spends the vast majority of her time studying the arcane. As a Hexcast Sorceress, she delights in inflicting curses upon her foe before crushing them ruthlessly.


Super Dungeon Severina


With a powerful WILL, Severina hurls blasts of magical energy into fights, some with hurling balls of arcane Ice, others with deadly effects of curses like Bane, making some powerful enemies a little more squishy for her compatriots.


Super Dungeon Severina


As powerful as her attacks are her potions - hurling Cursed Concoctions at enemies, spreading HEX, or chugging a mystical elixir that gives her the Fly ability. There is nothing good that can come from crossing a powerful sorceress like Severina!  Bring her home and put some paint on one of the coolest looking miniatures in our range!


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